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Vote for Jude!

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Jude is one of our 5th class students, he has been selected for the public voting stage of the 2013 doodle for google competition! Yay!

He is one of 75 finalists in the country! So now we need to try and get votes for his doodle.

Could you all please vote for him – you can vote by visiting : http://www.google.ie/doodle4google and clicking on cast a vote. You’ll find Jude’s doodle in class group 3, The title of his doodle is ‘Amazing Invention’.

If Jude’s doodle gets the most votes in his group he will win a Chromebook for himself and one for the class. If he’s the overall winner the school will receive a €10,000 technology grant!

So please vote for Jude’s doodle.

Amazing invention

Jude O’ B F, Carrigaline Educate Together, Cork


G flying house at Google anything is possible! O+O because you can fly around the world on Google maps! G for wonder machine is like Google images can find anything wonderful! L for rocket Google info at at light speed! E for service robot Google helping my class to find everything.”

Direct link to Jude’s doodle: http://www.google.com/intl/ALL_ie/doodle4google/vote.html#d=d3-7



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